CEN/CENELEC JTC8 On Privacy Management held its plenary in Milan

Recently the Joint Technical Committee of CEN and CENELEC on “Privacy management in products and services” held its plenary at UNI Headquarters in Milan. This recently created JTC held its first meeting in July and it has in its scope the development of norms and standards in support of GDPR implementation. One of its first goals is the development of a European Norm on Privacy by Design, which is one of the requirements of the new EU Privacy Reform. It calls for everyone designing and building products and services in Europe to implement from the very first phase of the development the compliance with privacy and data protection principles.

As Alessandro Guarino, StudioAG CEO and CEN/CLC/JTC 8 chairperson, “we are working to deliver to the Commission and to all the stakeholders, useful Privacy by Design standards and guidelines. Privacy by Design is a fundamental principle introduced by the GDPR and will have to be complied with by any European manufacturer or service provider. The general standard will be hopefully accompanied by vertical guidelines detailing the implementation for each sector, starting with the videosurveillance industry and the biometric one.”

The original news published on UNI’s website. UNI is the Italian National Standardization Body