StAG S.r.l.

We offer digital forensics consulting services on every kind of evidence. Forensic acquisition from computers, servers, cloud services, embedded devices, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mp3 readers). Evidence analysis: timeline reconstruction, image forensic analysis, hidden files extraction. We provide full reports in English, Italian, French. We are available as expert witnesses in court.

Digital Forensic consulting:

  • Forensic acquisition of magnetc, optical media and cloud services
  • Acauisition of mobile devices (smartphones, SIM cards, tablets, mp3 readers etc)
  • Evidence analysis (file extraction, timeline reconstruction, hidden files recovery)
  • Reporting

Image forensics

  • Analysis and authentication of digital images and video
  • Content extraction and camera ballistics
  • Detection of digital manipulation of images and videos
  • 3D reconstruction

Network forensics

  • Server analysis. Anomalous activity reconstruction, intrusion reconstruction
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Log files analysis and timeline reconstruction
  • Online user activities analysis


The process