EU-ASEAN CIO Forum in Jakarta

EU-ASEAN CIO (Chief Information Officers) Forum “Building the Digital Platform – Exchanging on ASEAN and EU Best Practices and Fostering toward Enhanced Collaboration” took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, on March 2, 2016. It brought together over 70 participants. This event was a part of the Connect2SEA project. Our presentation was on the CIO’s challenges in the European Union context.

Unggul Priyanto, Chairman of BPPT (The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology of Indonesia) talked about the CIO forum in his presentation “EU-ASEAN ICT Collaboration and CONNECT2SEA contribution: Vision from Indonesia.” at the STI DAYS (Hanoi, 11 May 2016).  Here the deck in pdf: Vision-from-indonesia-drunggul-priyanto