Latest Research & Innovation Projects

As usual, for the European Research and Innovation calls with an August deadline, StAG was actively involved in two proposals, ACyDnet and CESAME, as an integral part of pan-European consortiums.

ACyDnet is a project proposal submitted in response to the Preparatory Action on Defence Research, managed and funded by the European Defence Agency. The particular call is PADR-FDDT-EMERGING-03-2019 “Emerging Game-changers”, in topic 2 “Artificial Intelligence for Defence”. This is an advanced research project into the use of Artificial Intelligence for the military.

In the near future, when Intelligent things will fight Intelligent things on the battlefield, complex military systems and infrastructures will not work without embedding in them a trustworthy Autonomous Cyber Defence (ACyD) technology that will fight cyber-attacks for us, at speed and scale. Autonomous Intelligent Cyber-defence Agents – AICA agents – will be a key enabler of our future military networks, devices and combat doctrines. ACyDnet will develop and demonstrate the first proof of concept of AICA Agents aimed at improving European Defence capabilities in countering the emerging threat of similar Autonomous Intelligent Malware (AIM). The ACyDnet project will be the seed for a long-term research, technology & business community bringing together Defence organisations, Government, Industry and Academia to foster and speed-up the development of the ACyD / AICA technology in Europe.

The ACyDnet consortium: Bordeaux INP (Coordinator, France), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), Thales SIX GTS and Thales LAS (France), Università La Sapienza (Italy), VTT (Finland), Bulgarian Defence Institute (Bulgaria).


CESAME is a project proposal submitted in response to the Horizon 2020 call SU-DS03-2019-2020 “Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises”. CESAME will develop a system for detecting and reporting current and future malicious cyber threats targeting SMEs and to assist SMEs, MEs and European authorities in collecting, aggregating and correlating that information, in privacy-preserving and evidential manners so as to increase their end-to-end cyber resilience. CESAME will also assist SMEs and MEs in cyber attack mitigation.
The collection of that data could be considered digital evidence which could finally supporto a judicial prosecution. CESAME will be able to support those prosecutions by providing the detailed evidence gathered across the multiple incidents and assist in forensic preparedness.

CESAME is the first project proposal that sees StAG in the coordinator role. Thanks go to the partner that worked with us and trusted us:  Athena Innovation Center (Greece), European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe, MOTIVIAN, (Bulgaria), Universidad de Murcia (Spain), EEMA (Belgium), Elta Systems Ltd (Israel), Wolffia AS (Norway), Cyberethcs Lab (Italy), V-ICT-OR (Belgium),  iQuadrat (Spain), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, IS-Practive (Belgium), VOKA (Belgium),  Hellenic Institute for Logistics management (Greece).